Should We Record Farewell Messages for Our Loved Ones?


Would you consider leaving a farewell message for your loved ones to be delivered after your passing? – Distance, circumstances, unexpected death can cause situations where important things are left unsaid, or you don’t get the chance to say the final goodbye. Would you agree that having the opportunity to share a feeling, show gratitude, or simply say something comforting to your close ones is an excellent idea? We can’t deny the fact that often we are not able to exchange certain words and express our feelings, and let’s be honest, we always have something more to say after we leave.

Did you know that thanks to the growing industry focused on legacy planning there is a service that can give you this opportunity? – Stornest as a digital tool for legacy planning provides this service where among other documents such as insurance policies and crypto currency wallet credentials, you can store farewell messages for your loved ones. Yet, you may feel skeptical about doing this, so we thought of a few reasons that could change your mind.

Why Should You Leave a Farewell Message

Undoubtedly, losing a person you love is difficult, especially if you don’t get the chance to be next to them when they leave. Having this in mind, people want to have their family next to them in the last moments. Sometimes, even if your loved ones are near, you’d still want to provide comfort and help your family and close friends cope with the loss. Video or voice recording can be just the thing they need to deal with grief and feel as if you will forever be near them. Such a message can make you feel connected to your close ones.

When death draws near, most of us feel the need to reach out to the people we love and express our love, ask for forgiveness, show gratitude, or just have that last word said to them. Even so, death usually comes unexpectedly, so even in our happiest moments we may feel the urge to say something that was left unsaid.
Well, why not use the advanced technology into creating this farewell message and have it delivered to your loved ones after your passing? – Not only will it make them feel comforted, but it will make you feel at ease. Last goodbyes are important for the dying as much as they are for the bereaved.

Tips for Recording a Farewell Message to Your Loved Ones

If you decide to go ahead and record a video or audio file with a farewell message, but you are not sure how to do it and where to start, here are a few tips that may help you.

  • Show appreciation. – Thank them, share your feelings, and say everything that’s on your heart.
  • Use any available tools. – To record a message you can use a phone, computer, a camera, or any other device and save it.
  • Keep in mind that your loved ones may not welcome any after-death communications. This feeling can change over time and sometimes they might want to get your message and have the need for it, and other times they may avoid it. For that reason, think carefully whether this part of your legacy planning is essential or not.
  • Choose an online service wisely. There are many companies that store an audio, video, or text farewell message, but you need to make sure to find a one that is trustworthy where your files will be safe.

Lastly, thinking of last words, or looking for ways to express your feelings in the farewell message may encourage you to say these things in the present, and make you live your life to the fullest. It could make you realize that what you say and do today is far more important than the message itself. On the other hand, if you find it difficult to say “I love you”, “Forgive me”, or “Thank you”, recording a farewell message may be just the thing you need.

For that, you have Stornest available, a tool that can store anything you’d like to pass on to your close ones after your passing, whether it is a farewell message or access to investment accounts, your will, your cryptocurrency wallet or any other important document. It’s very easy to use it, it’s 100% secure, and you can try it for free here.