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Our vitality checkup allows you to have additional touchpoints with customers


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Digital vault creates increased customer stickiness

How our service works?

Your customers’ bank accounts are at a risk of being lost if their heirs are not aware their family member held assets with your bank. Stornest ensures that your customers’ assets will reach their loved ones.

Two-step Onboarding

Your customers will be asked if they wish to sign up for the ‘legacy protection service’ and if yes, they will be asked to state their beneficiary

Vitality Checkup

We conduct a thorough check-up through automated and manual steps to track the vitality of each of your customers who signed up for the service.

Passing on Account Information

If your customer passes away, we share the information related to their bank accounts with their beneficiary, and inform you of this

Changing Preferences

your customers can at any time terminate this service or change any beneficiary details.

Why Stornest

Today, there are hundreds of thousands of bank accounts ‘sitting dormant’ because the heirs of the deceased owners are not aware of their existence. Banking accounts, safe deposit boxes, and other financial assets are all at risk.

At Stornest, we understand the delicate and critical nature of end-of-life transfer of financial assets–that’s why we created a white-label B2B solution that seamlessly integrates into your services, elevating your value proposition.

An institutional system to track individuals’ vitality and all their financial assets across the world is unlikely to be established any time soon, but together we can take care of this. 

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