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No digital asset is ever lost, just because the owner kept their assets confidential.

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Stornest can help you achieve


Higher Revenue

Higher revenue through frequent touchpoints with your customers


Higher Customer Acquisition

Higher customer acquisition due to a unique digital vault feature


Higher Customer Retention

Higher customer retention due to increased safety of their crypto assets

How our service works?

Your customers’ crypto assets need safeguarding, especially when the time comes for their family to inherit them. Stornest guarantees this happens seamlessly through:

Two-step onboarding

Your customers will be asked if they wish to sign up for the ‘digital vault’ feature and to input their beneficiary contact information.

Vitality Checkup

We conduct a thorough check-up through automated and manual steps to track the vitality of each of your customers who signed up for the service.

Account Transfer

If needed, we pass on the account information to their beneficiary and we inform you of this.

Changing Preferences

Your customers can at any time terminate this service or change their beneficiary information.

Private key recovery (for crypto wallets)

The service allows your customers to recover their private key in case they lose it, guaranteeing the security of their digital assets while they are alive as well. 

Why Stornest

Today, crypto assets worth billions of dollars have not made it to the heirs of the owners who passed away, because the families are not aware of them.

At Stornest, we understand the delicate and critical nature of end-of-life transfer of crypto assets, and the fact that many crypto owners prefer to keep these assets confidential while they are alive. We created a solution that preserves the desired confidentiality and eliminates the risk of assets being lost.

Our white-label solution is about preserving legacies and ensuring a seamless transition of your customers’ digital assets to their loved ones when the time comes.

An institutional system to track individuals’ vitality and their ownership of digital assets across the world is unlikely to be established any time soon, but together we can take care of this. 

Discover the difference Stornest can make in your services

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Together, we’ll shape a more secure future for digital assets.