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We protect your customers’ assets from getting lost in case of their untimely passing, giving them peace of mind and safeguarding their families’ financial security

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How our service works?

Your customers’ financial assets need safeguarding, especially when the time comes for their assets to be passed on to their heirs.

Stornest ensures this transition happens seamlessly through:

Two-step onboarding

Your customers will be asked if they wish to sign up for the ‘legacy protection service’ and if yes, they will be asked to state a beneficiary for their account.

Vitality Checkup

We conduct a thorough check-up through automated and manual steps to track the vitality of each of your customers who signed up for the service.

Sharing Account Information

If your customer passes away, we pass on the information related to their account to their beneficiary and we inform you of this.

Changing Preferences

Your customers can at any time terminate this service or change any beneficiary details.

Why Stornest

Today, assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars have not made it to their rightful owners because the heirs were not aware of them. Investment accounts, especially those held abroad, are at risk of being lost in cases when the owner did not inform anyone of them.

At Stornest, we understand the delicate nature of end-of-life asset transfer. That’s why we created a white-label solution that allows you to offer this service to your customers, elevating your value proposition.

An institutional system to track individuals’ vitality and all their assets across the world is unlikely to be established any time soon, but together we can take care of this. 

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