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How can Stornest help you?


Increase your customer acquisition

By offering a unique service of end-of-life asset transition


Strengthen your customer relationships

By having quarterly communication touchpoints as part of the vitality checkup process


Improve your operations

By knowing the vitality status of each of your customers

Why Stornest?

At Stornest, we understand the delicate and critical nature of end-of-life asset transfer, and we are here to help your customers to make it as seamless as possible.

Our mission is preserving people’s legacies and ensuring a seamless transition of their assets.

Seamless integration for enhanced value:
Stornest’s white-label solution seamlessly integrates into your existing services, empowering financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, estate planners, and insurance companies to elevate their offerings and enhance their overall value proposition customer base.

Discover the difference Stornest can make in your customer relationships

Join us in revolutionizing end-of-life asset transfer. Contact us today to learn more about our white-label solution and how it can benefit your organization and customers.

Together, we’ll shape a more secure future.