We pass on what matters to your loved ones, if needed.

Just in case.

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If something were to happen to you today, which of your assets would never get to your family simply because your heirs would not know to look for them?

An Investment account in another country?... Read more

Safe deposit box in a bank? Bitcoins? Loan you gave to a friend? And how about non-monetary valuables: photos on your phone, e-journal on your laptop, all locked with a password only known to you? Stornest makes sure this will never happen. We will pass on such relevant information to your loved ones only if something were to happen to you. We offer you a piece of mind that nothing of yours will ever get lost, and to your family the comfort that they have heard from you after you are gone, and know about such important matters. Learn more how our service works works.

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There Are Billions in Unclaimed Assets Out There

No country in the world maintains a central database for individuals’ assets, and even less so there is a way to look up assets across countries. Have you got assets that your heirs may never find if something unexpected were to happen to you?

Who is using Stornest?

Expats, life insurance policy holders, people who hold various financial and physical assets and who no longer wish to rely on paper for their legacy planning. People who have something to leave behind and need the assurance that their property will end up where they want, after they’re gone.

What do our clients store?

  • Investment accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Bank accounts information
  • Cryptocurrency wallet credentials
  • Social media and other passwords
  • Photographs
  • Farewell messages

Would you put your family through hassle?

In the US, children of dead benefactors have to search through eight different government agencies for unclaimed assets. In other countries, such agencies do not even exist. Would you want to put your family through that hassle?

How secure is Stornest?

Can I trust a company I do not know with some of my most sensitive data? We designed our service so that we remove the need for trust in our relationship. Read more

Unlike all commonly used digital services, ours is designed so that we don’t have access to your data. That’s right. We store your data, but we, nor anyone else, can see it thanks to our Zero Proof Knowledge technology, the latest in advanced cryptographic technologies.


Tailored packages to your needs at a starting price of $59.99 per year,
a very small price to pay for a peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

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Seattle, USA

A service that I've had on my mind for a long time is finally available, it's convenient, secure, and works great! I have my peace of mind now!



I used to ask myself ‘what if…’ every time I get on a plane, and it gave me an upsetting, guilt-ridden feeling. That feeling is now gone.

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