We pass on your legacy to your loved ones, if needed.

Just in case.

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If something were to happen to you today, which of your assets would never reach your family simply because your heirs did not know to look for them?

Do you have a bank account in another country?

A safe deposit box in a bank that no one knows about? Bitcoins? A loan you made to a friend? Are your non-monetary valuables, for example, the photos on your phone, e-diary on your laptop, all locked with a password known only by you? Stornest makes sure your assets will never be lost. We will pass on information about your legacy to your loved ones only if something happened to you. We offer you the peace of mind that nothing that matters to you will ever get lost and to your family the comfort of knowing that your legacy belongs to them.
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There are billions in unclaimed assets out there

No country in the world maintains a central database of each of their citizen’s assets and there is certainly no way to find assets scattered across the world. Have you got assets that your heirs may never find if something unexpected happened to you?

Who uses Stornest?

Expats, those with life insurance, and those with various financial and physical assets who no longer wish to rely on paper for their legacy planning. Stornest is for anyone who has something to leave to their loved ones and need the assurance that their legacy will never be lost.

What do our clients store?

  • Investment accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Cryptocurrency wallet credentials
  • Social media and other passwords
  • Photographs
  • Farewell messages

How much hassle would your family endure?

In the US, children of deceased benefactors have to go through eight government agencies to find out about unclaimed assets. In other countries, such agencies do not even exist.

Do you want to give your family all that hassle?

How secure is Stornest?

Can you trust a company that you do not know with your most private data? Well, we have designed our tool so that it eliminates the need for trust in our relationship.

Unlike many popular used digital services, ours is designed so that we cannot have access to your data. That’s right. We store your data, but neither we, nor anyone else can read it thanks to our Zero Knowledge Proof technology, the latest in advanced cryptographic techniques.


Tailored packages to suit your needs starting from $59.99 per year,
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A service that I have had on my mind for a long time is finally available. It is convenient, secure, and works great! I have peace of mind now!



I used to ask myself "what if…" every time I got on a plane, and it gave me an unsettling, guilt-ridden feeling. That feeling has now gone.