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Make sure your assets and happy memories
are passed on to your loved ones

Is Your Legacy SAFE?

Is your family taken care of and are your assets protected if something unexpected happens to you tomorrow? Do you already have your legacy plan in place? Don’t leave matters to chance!

Do you have a bank account that no one knows about? Bitcoins? A loan you made to a friend? Are the photos on your phone, e-diary on your laptop, all locked with a password known only by you?

Stornest offers you the peace of mind that nothing that matters to you will ever get lost and that your family will be taken care of. We will pass on your legacy information and documents to your loved ones if something happens to you.

Why is it important to have a legacy plan?

What do our clients store?

How secure is Stornest?


Is your family taken care of if something unexpected happens to you?