About Us

We are solving a global $500 billion problem with unclaimed inherited assets.

Our Eureka Moment

As is the case for many startups, the idea behind Stornest came from personal experience and the realization that many others may face a similar situation.

After the loss of our mother, my brother and I had to spend months looking for the assets we had inherited, even though everything was in a single, small, country. Despite all efforts and after the legal inheritance process was closed, we found out from a friend at a local bank that a savings account was overlooked.

Years later, my brother called me with a business idea. The fear on a bumpy ride on his weekly flight back to Dubai after mentions from his wife about the need for legacy planning, got him thinking about this. He discovered two things: most people do not recognize the importance of legacy planning, and even if they do there is no easy solution on the market. That’s how Stornest was born.

Our mission is to provide peace of mind: to our clients knowing their wealth, wishes, and memories will never be lost, and to their loved ones knowing they have been taken care of.

Stefan Handjiski,

Our Partners

All of our customers’ files are stored at the most reliable cloud platform for data storage.


Beneficiary’s part of the 3-part encryption key is stored with Oracle’s Blockchain Platform.

InPlayer ensures the our entire payment process is easy and secure.

Twillio’s services help us provide exceptional customer service.

Our Team

Stornest is a story driven by our 2 founders Stefan Handjiski (COO) & Mane Andreevski (CEO), serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record in building new companies and working for large multinational companies.

Our IT and security experts are coming from senior positions at some of the largest global companies, whereas our product and marketing team have worked on projects involving Fortune 500 companies.
Our IT team is led by our CTO, Vladimir Novachki.

Our investors include professionals with decade long experience across multiple industries including management consulting, investment banking and tech.

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