Our mission

Peace of Mind

Our mission is to provide peace of mind
for you now, and for your loved ones
when they may need it the most.

Our Story

Life is meant to be lived with enthusiasm, however every plane takes off, buckle of the car seat belt, during every run on the ski slope brings those ‘what if…’ thoughts as a reminder that life is fickle, and, in an instant, it can be snatched from you.

Every now and then before a work trip, my wife would remind me that would be completely lost about all the formalities she would need to deal with if something were to happen to me… administrative documents, legal deeds, financials she knew existed but would have no clue where to look. These ‘what ifs’ then become a practical problem to solve for, and that led to Stornest being born.

Stornest would be there for those with similar thoughts in their heads, to help make the ‘what ifs’ less of a worry. Whilst there is little one can do to console a loved one, there is now a step one must take to make it easier.

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