No one, not even us can access your confidential information! Surprised? Read how…

Four ways in which we make sure your information is protected:
  • Most sophisticated infrastructure and secure processes along each step in our service
  • End-to-end encryption and two-steps verification sign-in process
  • Zero Knowledge Proof encryption, a unique mechanism for protecting your information which ensures only you and your beneficiaries have access.
  • Your personal contact details stay only with us. Our clients are not our product, so we will never sell your personal contact details. We also promise to never contact you on social media.

Encrypted you say? But don’t you still have access to my information?

No we don’t. And that is what makes us unique. Stornest uses an advanced encryption technology called Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP). This ensures that no government, hacker, or a member of Stornest can access your confidential information.

Oh? What is zero knowledge proof?

Here’s how it works. You get your own master encryption key which you keep safe. Okay, that bit is easy. Your master key is split into three parts: part of the key stays with Stornest, the other part is stored securely by a third party company, and the third part is stored with the user. Stornest has no access to the other two parts of the key. Read more

If data sharing is triggered, Stornest and the third-party key storing company send their parts of the key to the beneficiary. Your beneficiary is then able to access the data you have assigned for them.

So no one other than me has access to my entire decryption key?

That’s right. Stornest and the third-party provider hold part of your key. Hence, neither they nor us cannot access your data.

Your information is stored inside the world’s most trusted cloud storage system

Anything you upload goes straight to Amazon Web Services and we leverage their high standards for privacy and data security.

Unlike traditional cloud service providers that access your files, our service does not involve syncing data across platforms or devices, therefore no one but you needs to, nor is able to, access your files. Read more

In addition, every time you use our service, your data is encrypted at all times using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, the most advanced encryption method.

We offer advice on the best practices for managing your legacy

At Stornest we are also your legacy consultant.

We have developed a template for legacy planning and sharing information in a way that eliminates any risk. Read more

For example, for your financial assets you only need to store the name of the institution that has your account (e.g. the name of the bank is enough for your inheritors to obtain those assets). Then, instead of storing your cryptocurrency keys online, you can simply write the page number of your favorite book in your library where the keys are hand-written. You will get tons of useful tips from our experts depending on the type of files you store with us.

Our promise to you:

  • We will never trade your personal information with anyone
  • We will never contact you on social media


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