Store your data

Upload your files in a secure and simple way

Upload your Information

  • Bank/investment accounts
  • Passwords and safe deposit codes
  • Bitcoin keys
  • Favorite photos
  • Farewell messages etc.

Manage your files

  • Add, update, or delete files at any time
  • Fill out our template with commonly stored information
  • Assign files to different beneficiaries

Choose your beneficiaries

Option 1

We email you every three months
to confirm your membership.
If we receive no response
after multiple attempts including SMS/calls,
we will share your data with your
assigned beneficiaries.

Option 2

You designate a third party who
can instruct us to share data with
your beneficiaries (the third party may
also be a beneficiary).


Washington DC, USA

I work better, I feel better, knowing that my children, my friends and relatives will get my legacy, if I am suddenly gone tomorrow.

How will my beneficiaries receive my legacy information?

If data sharing is triggered, we will notify each beneficiary via email, and instruct them how to access the information you have assigned to them. Read more

Beneficiaries will also receive a code via email, which is generated after the two parts of the decryption key are put together, to be able to access the data. If they do not act on the email we will follow up with SMS and with a phone call to inform them of the data they are supposed to receive. Once the beneficiaries have downloaded all information, your account will be deleted and the account will be closed.

Peace of mind in just 30 seconds

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  • Amazon Web Services storage
  • Your information is stored in the world’s safest cloud storage platform.
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Don’t worry whether you’ll be able to find your way around our platform. Our user interface is super easy to use and intuitive.
  • Zero Knowledge Proof method protects the keys used to encrypt and decrypt your data.
  • Our unique encryption method offers the data security you would expect for the type of data you would want to store with us. Read more

    Rest assured that no one and under no circumstances, apart from your beneficiaries will have access to your info.